Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winner, Week 1

Congratulations to "chewytulip," an artist and etsy shop proprietor who is the first randomly chosen winner after leaving a lovely comment in response to last week's Letter Jar Challenge:

I used to make postcards regularly and send them to my grandfather. The cards would be bright, colorful,and weird. He didn't ever say much, but he displayed them all on his coffee table. :)

What a wonderful memory! Indeed, displaying your postcards "said" more than words could convey.

Thanks also to LisavVi and Karen for your comments. I appreciate your interest in The Letter Jar project!

As for me, I've been sick enough that rest has taken priority over writing, so no letter to report this week. However, I certainly wasn't going to let Wednesday pass without picking my first winner and issuing a new Midweek Motivation (that makes two letters for me this week):

I've pulled from the The Letter Jar the name of  S, whom I met while training for a half-marathon six years ago. I'm friends with S on Facebook, but have never really expressed how much her companionship during those training runs meant to me. Of course we cheered each other on, but we also just talked (being able to keep up somewhat of a conversation, of course, being a way to keep overexertion in check). And what I ended up talking about with S was my dissolving marriage -- I wasn't ready to talk to the friends and family who had attended my wedding, but this new, neutral friend was a sounding board and confidante whom I'm never forgotten. I look forward to thanking S for all she did for me, more than I'm sure she ever knew, just by listening.

Do you know someone who seemed to appear in your life just when you needed him or her, someone you've been meaning to thank for their help, their friendship, their contribution?

THIS WEEK'S PRIZE comes courtesy of chewytulip's etsy shop full of fun, original postcards and lettersets, as well as animal magnets, paintings, scarves and a line of pickle-themed schwag. I'll be ordering a set of owl notecards for myself, and this week's winner will also be treated to a set of chewytulip notecards that strike his or her fancy.

Write on!


Jen said...
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Jen said...

Had to fact check. So there was an article on letter writing in Mary Jane's Farm this issue too "The Handwritten Life."

I don't know that I'll ever get as deeply into letter writing, but I do enjoy playing with my papers and stamps and sending people cards at random. ;)

macocha said...

wow. what inspiration. I am sitting her thinking that I need to write to my grandma (babcie) to let her know I think of her often. I even went to the store and bought a massive amount of "thinking of you cards" with the intent of writing her more often. That didn't happen. I am hoping visiting your site often will inspire me to pull out the pen and cricut and make her her own special letter. thanks!

Lynn, The Jar Keeper said...

@macocha: Glad to be an inspiration! One of the things I love about writing letters is that it gets me thinking about my life, as I come up with details to share with the recipient (in addition to inquiring as to how he or she is doing). Inevitably I am reminded of how much I have to be grateful for -- a wonderful fringe benefit of writing. :)

@Jen: I owe you a card back!! (Make that two -- LOVED the Valentine's Day card by the way. It was gorgeous.)

chewytulip said...

Thanks for the stamps and the note!